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Customer Oriented Design

Customer Oriented Design

Customer Oriented Design

  • İst Tasarım
  • January 01, 2019
Customer Oriented Design

You've probably come across a website with lots of mixed, pop-up ads that aren't easy to use. How did that make you feel? You were probably disappointed and as a result you left the website within seconds.

As a website designer or business owner, you don't want customers to be disappointed when they try to reach your website. While it is important to have a SEO-made website, it is also important to have a user-friendly website. We share with you what is customer-oriented web design and why it is so important.

What is Customer Oriented Web Design?

It may be difficult to put yourself in the place of the customer, but keep in mind that an effective website is not about web design, it is about customers. Having a super luxurious website is great, but if customers can't find important information, it's actually useless.

A customer-oriented website is a website designed with the customer in mind. In order to be effective in creating a customer-oriented website, you need to be able to put yourself in the customer's place during website creation. This provides all the information a customer needs to make a purchase decision, as well as making it easier to navigate.

7 Necessary Reasons for Customer Oriented Web Design

Here are the 7 most important reasons why a customer-oriented website is a must for any business.

1-) Finding solutions to customer problems
One of the main reasons why many people are online is to find a solution to the problem. When you create a customer-focused website, you focus directly on the problems of customers. A customer-centric website helps customers find the answers to their problems efficiently.

2-) A Good Impression A
Customer-oriented website can create positive feelings about the company. Think of a website as a company's digital shop. Business owners want their physical location to be visually appealing and in good shape. At the same time, having a smooth, clean and visually appealing website makes you proud of your business.

3-) Easy Navigation
There is nothing more frustrating than finding a website. Research has shown that confusion and large amounts of text tend to scare customers. Therefore, ease of use should be the most important factor when it comes to website design.

4-) Higher Conversion Rate
If you have a customer-focused website, your conversion rates may increase. If customers can get quick information, they will reduce their chances of leaving without transformation. The key is to be very specific but very informative.

5-) Bounce Rates
Every website must have Google Analytics code installed. Google Analytics is a tool that helps you understand which content is running and which content can use revision. Applying a customer-centric website design will lower your bounce rate and result in customers staying longer on your site.

6-) Quality A
Customer-oriented website also increases the chances of repeat visitors. If a customer has a great deal of experience with a company's website, the chance of return is increased. Think of the websites you visit often. In addition to liking the product, why do you return to the site? If the website was an absolute nightmare to navigate, would you go back? Probably not.

7-) Accessibility We
Emphasize the importance of creating an easy-to-navigate website. You should also consider how customers access a website. In our digital world, a website must be optimized for mobile devices. Mobile optimization should be a top priority for website owners.


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