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Web Site How To?

Web Site How To?

Web Site How To?

  • İst Tasarım
  • June 09, 2019
Web Site How To?

With the developing technology, most people felt the need to carry their business to the internet. Now it's important to have a website for people who want to sell their products online or keep up with the times and expand their business.

Viewing Website

İs a web of digital applications built on the internet that can be accessed and viewed through browsers. The important factor in the operation of the web site is the web server (publicly accessible computer on the Internet) broadcasting on the hosting domain to match the desired domain name is to show the site in the region. When you want to access a web site on the Internet, DNS servers (Domain Name Server) directs you to the hosting area you want to access, the web site is displayed online on the web browser on your device provides.

It's easy to create a low-cost website that allows you to contact your customers and sell products or services. In order to create a great business website, buy and host a domain name, create content, and then customize and publish your design, you must be familiar with the web software languages ​​at this stage, or if you do not have the knowledge, it is the right choice for you to have an expert.

The First Step to Creating a Website

The first step in creating a website is to choose a web hosting service and domain name. After you select the domain name, you will be able to host this domain name and publish your site.

Next is to prepare the website content. Website content is the copy that you type for pages on your website. Business websites work best with simple text and a single call-to-action on each page when it's simple, straightforward and easy to navigate. Business websites also have five basic pages: Home, Products (or Services), About Us, Blog, and Contact Us.

The Most Important Rule When Making a Website!

It should be a website optimized for mobile use, adapting to mobile devices by changing the layout of smaller screens to make it more attractive and user-friendly. Since more than half of customers browse smartphones instead of computers, it is essential for small business owners to have your website mobile compatible.

Design and plan a website, including how to organize your site, including colors, fonts, images, page structures, interactive features, copies, and graphics. It has been shown that it takes less than three seconds to decide whether to stay or leave after entering your website, so follow the advice to make a good first impression. See you in another article.


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